general info

★ colors may slightly vary due to camera lighting

I love to throw extra oops stickers to each order

★ stickers are water and scratch resistant

there are currently two versions of my stickers:

version 1

printed on weatherproof laser printer paper and lovingly sprayed with 4 coats of Mod Podge sealant spray

these bad boys are scratch resistant and water resistant and happy to be placed on all your surfaces.

all stickers purchased at this time, except for both Stitch stickers, are version 1.

version 2

still printed on weatherproof laser printed paper, but laminated instead of sprayed

scratch resistant and water resistant, but thicker than their version 1 counterparts.

currently we only have Stitch (thumbs up) and Stitch (sit) as version 2 stickers.

here they are side by side:

version 2 on the left, version 1 on the right

version 2 on the left, version 1 on the right

in this vid, I shine a light on the left and right side, showing that version 2 stickers are glossier and reflect light (because they're laminated)